Bipp Version 2.6.0 Released

:mega: Thanks to our engineers and analysts who worked round the clock to bring you bipp’s latest version 2.6.0. Well, there are a lot of interesting updates but the big news is that we now offer a Free 30-day Premium Trial option where you can explore all Premium features and add-ons. Do give it a try.

Here’s a quick overview of other highlights in this release:

:black_medium_square: Pipelines Made Powerful with Python action, Minimaps and Simplified Period over Period analysis

:black_medium_square: Added Advanced Data Modeling Capabilities like Functional grouping of dimensions, Parameters and Run & Debug mode to test data models

:black_medium_square: Introducing Teams to organize your resources like reports, dashboards

:black_medium_square: New Data sources Added - Salesforce, Databricks and Stripe. Google Sheets is now also available in Forever Free plan

:black_medium_square: Improved Dashboard Experience, Easier Navigation, Redesigned User Profile and More Visualizations for Data Storytelling

For more details, visit: Release Notes | bipp Analytics

Explore our latest features on the platform and do let us know your feedback.

Contact us if you have any feature requests, as always we’re on the lookout to solve interesting BI problems.

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