Bipp Whitelist IP Updates

In the docs, the bipp IP for whitelisting is

However, my connection logs indicate that the following ip’s were the source when trying to connect to my postgres: &

I’d like to recommend updating the docs to include these IP’s or resolve why they aren;t the 9.91.


Hi Will,

Were you using ‘Direct Connection’ or ‘Direct Secure Connection’ ?

If the connection type is ‘Direct Connection’ - then we don’t route the connections via the whitelisted IP.

If the connection type is ‘Direct Secure Connection’ - then you should see the connections coming from the whitelisted IP and if it doesn’t then it is a bug that we should investigate and fix.

Direct Connection since I need SSL.

The Direct secure connection doesn’t use SSL, so that won’t work for my scenario, even though in both cases for me, I have to whitelist the IP on the firewall as well as postgres.

I will say that for my scenario, to get the IP’s being used, I had to consult with scalegrid support to view the connection failure logs.

If there was a way to also know what the direct connection IP would be without resorting to often unavilable server logs, that’s going to help a lot of folks who are hosting on these cloud postgres instances that require firewall whitelisting outside PG.

Thanks @vj1 !

Got it. We will make sure we have a static set of IP addresses listed for both scenarios @shubhsharma10 - please note this.

@wsargent - please note that the IP addresses might change as we work towards deploying a new version to address your feedback here and in the other thread as well.

I will update you once I have an ETA from our technical team.

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Hi @wsargent We have static IP address now which can be whitelisted and it will not change even after a new deployment.
Please use Direct connection option and use for whitelisting. We are updating the same on our website too.

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