Data not fetching - Bigquery

Hello, I’m new to the community.
This is perhaps a very basic question.
Since today I am not receiving data from the created model, I have modified the model to a basic version of a single table, believing that this was the problem; however, I still have no results.
Is there something that I could have moved in the configurations, which prevents me from viewing the information?
The connection I use is from BigQuery, I clarify that I had already configured this before and if it visualized the data.

When I press the “Fetch” button, it just crashes and doesn’t show anything, not even an error.

Hi @andy7 Welcome to bipp Community. Thanks for reaching out.

We are looking into it and will get back to you soon.

hi @andy7 , can you please click on “View SQL” and show us the query generated?

Hello, I forgot to mention this, the query that is generated is showing blank.
This shouldn’t happen.

Can you add me to your tenant and share your project with me (as an explorer)?

@andy7 - we can get on a short screenshare call or you can add one of the bipp engineers to your tenant and project.

Could you tell me your email, so I can add it.

@andy7 We have just sent the mail id to your inbox.

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@andy7 I found columns present in your screenshot in servicios table and I could fetch the data, please see below screenshot for your reference

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Hello, I was testing the report that you shared with me and indeed the data is displayed, along with the SQL query.
But for some reason, when I create a new report, the SQL query stays blank, even though I have already selected the fields and metrics to use.
I feel that something could have been misconfigured from my environment.

Your report.

My report ( nothing is displayed)