How bipp Used Modern Software Architecture to Build a Better BI Platform

Like modern art and architecture, modern software architecture represents a break from the traditions of the past. Modern software development takes advantage of all that current technology has to offer and is focused on the continuous delivery of new functionality.

Building a Modern Mousetrap

The architecture was the first challenge, so we set out an approach that created product development efficiencies. We wanted to build and upgrade our platform with fewer people, as there was no need to support legacy code.

SQL Native, First and Forever

As we were building bipp, there was one non-negotiable. We were SQL first from day one. This standardized language is an extremely mature technology, and all databases are optimized to execute SQL.

All Systems GoLang

Given our geeky background, we wanted a stable, robust backend that allowed us to produce better code, so we chose to develop the entire back end in Google’s GoLang.

Git Back to Where We Once Belonged

Another modern addition was incorporating the Git distributed version control system. As developers, we’d used Git to manage changes offline and get complete control over the codebase in our previous lives.

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