Issue viewing website on Safari v13


One of my team members has Safari v13.1.3, and when he tries to login to he just gets a white screen. However the same does not happen on Firefox/Chrome/Edge

Before you ask, yes I have advised him to upgrade. However I have seen some sites in the past which don’t work on Safari because of some unsupported javascript or whatnot.

In case there are other customers out there on old versions of safari, perhaps there is a current compatibility problem?


Hi @RichardInsta

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We have assigned this to an engineer to look into as I am writing this reply. We will have an update in a few hours.


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Hi @RichardInsta,

Apologies for a delayed response. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to support Safari versions older than v15. There are some of the core functionalities that depend on a few data types that got started getting support in Safari only in v15 (Oct. 2021). This support has been there from late 2018 in other major browsers. Poly-filling is also not possible in this case in a short term. We will try working on it though,

As you have already suggested to your team member upgrading or using a different browser is the stop gap solution that I would suggest as well.