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It’s been a busy couple of months at bipp. We’ve been fielding daily requests for demos, and now count more than 1,500 bippers. We’re getting published by media outlets and have been adding new content every day to And we’ve welcomed new BI analysts Pramod and Harshita and Sales VP Rahul.

We hope you like this deeper dive into our world. And, as always, let us know your feedback.

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Why is Business Intelligence (BI) Important?**strong text
CIO and IT leader community The Enterprisers Project wanted our thoughts on why BI is important. In the interests of shooting fish in a barrel, here’s what we had to say: “Data, workflows, and collaboration are intersecting, and whether it’s adjusting supply chains or deciding which product lines to focus on, it’s clear that intuition is nothing without data-based insight. For many companies, true business intelligence is a big part of the answer .

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How bipp Used Modern Software Architecture to Build a Better BI Platform

bipp was built from the ground up using modern software development techniques to help technical and business teams. Like modern art and architecture, modern software development represents a break from the traditions. It takes advantage of all that current technology has to offer and is focused on the continuous delivery of new functionality.

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Choosing the Right BI Tool for Your Business

If you believe the hype, data-driven decision-making is taking over businesses. But the reality is, there are more than 100 BI platforms on the market trying to solve the same problem. In such a crowded market, choosing the right tool for your needs is no easy task. It’s a complicated process, so in this article, we pose below:

Six questions to ask as you search for the best BI tool for your specific needs

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Product Definitions

Let’s be honest. Business users often nod and smile to feign understanding but are often overwhelmed by the jargon thrown at them by technical teams. In the interests of leveling the playing field, we’ve come up with a list of business intelligence keywords and written up easy-to-understand definitions. Our first four are up already on the website, with more to come.

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BI Tools Comparison

You can’t open a news site without tripping over a new BI platform, making choosing a BI tool increasingly tricky and time-consuming. We want to make it easier for businesses to make informed decisions, so we’ve developed one-sheets comparing bipp with other leading BI tools.

Compare BI tools

The State of SQL and BI Infographic

bipp is in the insight business, helping companies cut through billions of rows of data to get the information they need to make decisions. We took the same approach to our recent ‘State of SQL and BI’ research report, which is now available as an infographic.