Welcome to the bipp Analytics Community

Hi - welcome to the bipp open beta! We’re a new BI platform that’s been built from the ground up for data and BI analysts like you. We aim to save you time so your businesses can make better-informed, faster decisions. This forum is a place where you can ask questions, get help, suggest features, let us know what you like and tell us what sucks. We want your help to make bipp even better.

As we open bipp up to the world (well, we can dream!), we’d like this page to be a place where people can come for advice, make platform suggestions, and get to know other bippers.

A little history…
We’ve been building bipp for three years. We have a big client and are doing really interesting work. But the only analysts who’ve used bipp so far are our own bippers. They like it (but they’re kinda obliged to say that). But they also know where the SQL bodies are buried. They’ve worked out ways of working the platform, and, let’s be honest, working around it sometimes too.

That’s where you come in. We’d like you to kick the tires. We want to know what you like, and what we can add or tweak. But more importantly, we want to know what sucks. That’s why we’re giving bipp away for free.

You’ll get the full, enterprise version of the platform. Test out the bippLang data modeling language, in-database analytics, auto-SQL generator, Git-based version control, and tell us what you think.

But why should you help out? Good question. We, like you, think there’s room for improvement in BI. There are good products in the market. But the majority aren’t investing in you, the hands-on data analysts who are spending the majority of their time in the platforms.

As we’ve been building bipp, we’ve been making improvements for our own data analyst team. We’ve made it easier for them to write scripts to analyse data and perform data queries. We’ve invested to help them isolate and resolve issues with data and databases. And we’re keen to see if these improvements will also make your life easier.

And if you need any more convincing, you’ll learn about a new approach to BI before anyone else, and make it better. We figure you love SQL like us, and wear your early adopter badge proudly. Thinking about it, we should probably get some badges…

You’ll also be a part of a growing bipp community and network with like-minded folks who share similar interests. And, hopefully, you’ll have fun.

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